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Check your website page size/weight via our Page Size Checker / Webpage Weight Checking tool Page Size in Bytes and Page Size in KB our free Page Size Checker tool, Webpage Weight Analyzer check your Page Size and show the weight in bytes and kb webpage size calculator

Nowadays, every webmaster most pay attention to their website's loading speed because internet users prefer sites which load extremely fast. According to some surveys conducted, it was stated that if a site takes longer than 4-5 seconds to load, the users will most likely click out. So a website owner must take care of the site's loading speed which will ultimately lead to improved rankings in search results and a low bounce rate. 

Users love content with quality information, graphics, videos, and images. Due to these media pages, the web pages become heavy, and they don't load quickly. 

CODERDUCK has created Page Size Checker Tool so that everyone can easily know the size of their web pages and make some changes to reduce the size which will directly improve the page loading time.

Here's how you can use Page Size Checker Tool to find the page size of your web page:

  • Enter the complete site URL and press the "Submit Button". Our tool will provide a complete page size report in less than a second! The unique feature that we have added in our tool is that it displays the size in both Kilobytes (KB) and Bytes.

If your website is regularly updated with new content and media, then you should perform the page-size test on a regular basis. A good page loading speed not only provides a good user-experience and lowers your bounce rate, but it also improve the search rankings as the 'speed' factor is now a part of the Google's top ranking factors. 

How To Reduce Page Size and Reduce Loading Speed?

  • Optimize your images by scaling them appropriately. It is obvious that a picture with 2000 X 2000 pixels would take too much time to load than an image with 200 X 200 pixels. So always scale your images before you upload them to your site. You can also make use of free online image compression tools that reduce your image sizes without losing quality.
  • Set up browsing caching on your server