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Webmaster generally uses the Google Index Checker tools to quickly access the statistics of the specific URLs and their number of web pages that Google is able to crawl or index while seeing the particular website. Google Index Checker tool on CoderDuck Free SEO Tools comes with some of the valuable information stats that you manage at your fingertips. It is just a matter of seconds to check the Google Index stats of a multiple websites at a time.

How Google Index Checker Works?

Google is one of the leading search engines in the world and billions of people use Google every day to have answers to their query. So, it’s essential that all the webpages of a website are accessed by the Google, no matter whether other search engines are able to do it or not. The popularity of the website mostly depends on the accessibility of webpages by Google search engine as most of the visitors visiting any website come from Google only. In simple words you can say most of viewer’s traffic comes from Google search engine. In order to check whether Google crawls all the webpages of a website during the crawling process, Google index checker tool is used. To use this tool a website owner needs to submit the domain name and the tool will check all the webpages of a website and show which webpages are accessed by Google and which are not.

Why you should use our online Google index checker tool?

The Google index tool provided by CoderDuck Free SEO Tools is the most powerful tool and the main features which makes it different from other Google index checker tools provided by other websites is its speed and accuracy. Our tool allows the user to check the results of 20 domains at a time whereas other website tool allows checking only two or three domains. In order to user our user friendly tool, a user simply needs to enter the details of the domain name and our tool will check the access of each and every page of all the domain names by Google. As a result our tool will show the total number of pages accessed by Google of every domain.

Reliable tips for making ever webpage access by Google:

All the website owners want their website to be viewed by all the internet users. For this it’s necessary that all the webpages of the website are crawl by the search engines especially Google. Suppose a website has 50 webpages and the Google accesses only 25 webpages, so whenever a user will open the website from Google search engine he will be able to view only 25 webpages and all the content will not be read by him. After getting incomplete content from the website the user will get frustrated and will not visit again. So, it’s important to use Google index checker tool in order to check the accessibility of each and every webpage of the website. Some website owners think if some webpages are not access by Google search engine then it’s not a big issue. But they are wrong, as the users want the complete information from the website. Even though if a user get 90% of the information then also he will not be satisfied as his expectations was to get 100% information. So, use this tool whenever you add a new webpage to your website to make sure that it is accessible by Google.