Google Friday's Update was not because of the Penguin algorithm

09/06/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Google news

Google Friday's Update was not because of the Penguin algorithm 

Google's John Mueller instructed us to check off Penguin from the rundown of clarifications for the Google upgrade from this past Friday. 

Penguin algorithm update 2016, Google Friday’s update

Google's John Mueller said toward the beginning of today amid a live website admin home base on YouTube around 5 minutes into the video that the Friday update the SEO community is talking about is not related with the Penguin algorithm. 

John said we can check Penguin off the list for reasons why some SEOs and website admins are seeing changes in the Google search results. He included that Google is continually doing updates to the search results however he didn't give a particular explanation behind this update or name the upgrade. 

Once more, we approached Google for an official remark on this update and Google has yet to give us a remark. Be that as it may, John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, just said this is not identified with the Penguin algorithm. 

Today is additionally another point of reference in the sit tight for the Penguin Update. A whole Martian year has now gone since the last one. Yes, that is right. Mars has circled the sun in the time since the last Penguin Update happened. 

Our new what number days has it been since the last Google Penguin Update? page gives you the exact number, for those needing to keep track going ahead. Here's the place it stands now:

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