Generate Backlink from Infographics

08/05/2018 12:00 AM by Mhan Rajput in Seo

Backlinks are the most important thing in SEO and ranking.

If you have tons of links you are going to rank to higher if you have very fewer links its very difficult to rank on Google.

You are writing amazing content and Creative infographic but no one is linking back to you.

Generating backlinks from Infographics is a very effective way to increase your ranking.


……how can you generate backlinks from Infographics?

Here I’m going to show you a very simple trick which helps you generate backlinks from your infographics (quickly and easily) and helps you to increase your ranking.

Generate Backlink from Infographics

Generate Backlink from Infographics

I personally publish infographics most of the time in my articles.

You must use this strategy if you are going to publish the infographic on your website.

This strategy will help you to convert your visitors into backlinks.

How this Work

When you publish a great infographic on your site people really want to share it with other people and put that into their blogs.

But First, they have to download it then upload it and then link back to you. This thing can irritate them a bit.

How good it is that they can embed your infographic on their blog in just 2 clicks.

Sound Good.

It is.

How to do this

Now the question is How you can do this or your visitor gets an embed code for your infographics which helps you to generate backlinks from infographics.

Steps to generate backlinks from infographics

embade code genrator

1- Login to your WordPress Dashboard
2- Go-to Plugin Area
3- Click Add New
4- Search for “Embered Code Generator
5- Install It
6- Active It
7- Done

Now go-to the post in which you have to publish your infographics and go-to the bottom.

At the bottom, you will see a box with the title “Embered Code Generator”

Here are 8 options

1- Source URL
2- Link Image to
3- Title (Optional)
4- Alt Attribute (optional)
5- Width
6- Height
7- Courtesy of (Your Site Name)
8- Courtesy of (Your Site URL)

Source URL

Add the URL of the images or infographics which you want to generate an embed code.

For example

Link Image To

Add the URL of your Site or the page of your site which you want to create a backlink. This will be the URL of the backlink


Add the title of the images or infographics but this is an optional thing you can skip it up. My recommendation is to add the title.

Alt Attribute

Alt Attribute is the alternative text which you want to show to the visitor when the images are not showing or broken.

It is highly recommended to add an alt attribute of your image and infographics.

Width and Height

Width and Height for your infographic are optional.

Never put anything in these boxes.

We have to make sure that the infographic should in his best height and width which is its default height and width.


Courtesy of

In Courtesy of boxes, you have to put your site name and your site URL.

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